1. Which Payment Method I Can Choose?

  • The commissions will be paid by bank transfer as specified by the Affiliate’s. FB88.Com reserves the rights to choose the appropriate payment method to pay for Affiliate’s commission should the specified payment method is no longer in service, or not available in certain country.

2. When I Will Be Paid?

  • All commissions shall be paid to you on a monthly basis, within approximately 8 business days following the end of each month. Payments of commissions shall be made directly to you as per your preferred payment method elected by you as part of your application process.

3. Can I Request For Currency Other Than USD?

  • Payment shall be made according to the currency that you registered with us. Affiliates not able to change currency once registered an account. Yes, the currencies offered are USD, RMB (Renminbi), THB, GBP, EUR, IDR, AUD and MYR. Respective exchange rate on payout date will be applied.

4. What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Request Amount?

  • The minimum withdrawal request is USD$100. However, this does not apply if you're requesting to withdraw to your FB88.Com member account. First, you must register a member account on FB88.com, then request for your commission payment to be made payable to your FB88.com account. Any stakes being wagered using this account is not subject to your Affiliates Commission calculation. The commission payment to your betting account on FB88.Com is subject to FB88.Com Management approval. Please send an email to [email protected]

5. Do Negative Balances Carry Over?

  • Yes, negative balances will carry over from month to month. You'll need to work off the negative balance before you will be paid.

6. Do I Earn Commissions On My Own Deposits Or Wagers?

  • No, you cannot earn commissions on your own account. If you create a member account as a referral of yourself, your account will be removed from your referral portfolio.

7. How Many Players Do I Need To Refer To Remain An Active Affiliate And Earn Based On Net Revenue?

  • To remain an active affiliate in our program, you need to refer a minimum of five (5) depositing players. Affiliates who fail to refer the minimum number of players will not get the commission.